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We have created Humal so that we can host events here – let it be private events, internal communication events, public events or conferences and seminars. Our love for events has always been great, our team has years of experience in how to organise events professionally, and therefore the construction and planning of Humal also takes into account that you can be worry-free and enjoy the event yourself!

A stopover for events

Humal can host almost all events, from conferences to concerts. You just need an idea, we’ll do the rest!

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  • Private events

    From weddings to birthdays, from surprises to theme parties

    Whether it’s a wedding party or a birthday party, Humal restaurant is definitely the right place to host your private event. We can help you with the organising, technical solution, program, catering and also accommodation at Hotel Pallas.

  • Internal communication events

    From the company's anniversary to team events, training days to Christmas parties and summer days

    Humal restaurant has such a comfortable structure that we can host larger and smaller organisations. Here you can celebrate the birthdays of your organisation, hold important team events in internal communication, celebrate a successful end of the year or a happy Christmas season. We can help you with the organising, technical solution, program, catering and also accommodation at Hotel Pallas.

  • Customer events and promotion

    From thank you events to customer trainings, from marketing events to important promotional solutions

    We often forget that customers and partners are the ones who need perhaps the most thanks. At Humal, you can organise external communication events outside the company to thank, train or introduce your organisation and its clients/partners. We can help you with the organising, technical solution, program, catering and also accommodation at Hotel Pallas.

  • Public events

    From festivals to concerts, from theater performances to stand-up comedies

    We are also happy to host public events in cooperation with the organiser – be it a conference, a festival evening or a smaller musical performance, a theatrical performance with special solutions or a stand-up comedy. We can help you with the organising, technical solution, program, catering and also accommodation at Hotel Pallas.

  • Conferences and seminars

    From workshops to seminars, from conferences to public presentations

    The room solution of Humal also allows you to host workshops and seminars, larger conferences or presentations. We can help you with the organising, technical solution, program, catering and also accommodation at Hotel Pallas.


Use fully or part of Humal. We are located in the heart of Tartu, where there is a rare opportunity to host up to 300 guests from all over Humal restaurant. If there are not so many guests coming this time, it is also possible to use part of the restaurant, for example, the second floor or a cozy outdoor terrace, the windows of which we can open especially in nice weather.

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  • Entire Humal

    Up to 300 people standing or 185 people at tables

    The use of entire Humal means that Humal restaurant is reserved to you and to your guests. We have the capacity to accommodate up to 185 people in tables all over Humal, where the first floor can accommodate up to 100 people, the more private second floor can accommodate 50 people and the cozy terrace 35 people. Depending on the format of the event, we can accommodate up to 300 people in Humal for upright events. All rooms have state-of-the-art audio and video solutions and a stage for artists – this approach allows you to organise events with different structures.

  • Second floor

    Up to 75 people on a stand or 50 people at tables

    The second floor can accommodate up to 50 people and the table layout of the room can be set according to the event, from the theater-style to the format of the separate tables. You can also host events for up to 75 people in a standing layout. On the second floor, guests also have access to a private bar and local audio and video equipment.

  • Terrace

    Up to 60 people on a stand or 35 people at tables

    Humal terrace is probably the terrace with the best view in Tartu. We can also host events in crisp and rainy weather, as it is possible to draw glass borders on the terrace. We can accommodate up to 35 people at the tables and depending on the event, up to 60 people on a stand. The terrace also has a local sound system for guests to use.

Event organising

Organising an event is something that seems like a playful and interesting activity, but behind which are hidden thousands of details, partnerships and knowledge of how to make an event a success. We are with you to help you implement your best ideas!

Humal team likes events! We can offer you and your event a comprehensive event management – from creative solutions to program creation, from technical organising to professional project management. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in organising events – for example, we have been a part of creating and managing the largest business festival in the Baltic countries, sTARTUp Day, or organising 100th anniversary celebrations at the National University.

With our help, you can create a creative solution that meets the idea and purpose of your event, we will help you with technical production and project management. We manage all subcontracting and coordinate on-site activities. We deal with invitations, interior design, design work, transportation, logistics of guests etc.

Technical solutions

While preparing Humal, we have kept in mind the specifics of organising events. This approach will make the event much easier – less worries about installing speakers, setting up screens or running cables!

Our premises use professional audio and video equipment, which allows us to separate the rooms so that different events can take place in the whole house in parallel. Multifunctional inputs and outputs are installed all over the house, which means less organisational burden for the event organiser to host different types of events.

Depending on the event, it is also possible to create a separate stage area on the ground floor of Humal, where it is possible to place bands or smaller ensembles, DJs and performers. The same applies to the second floor and the terrace. The entire technical solution is designed to meet the main needs for hosting events.



The kitchen and bar of Humal are always ready for cooperation outside the house! Contact us and we will discuss together how we can help you with your event.

Depending on the event outside Humal, we are always ready to think about how to offer the Humal food and drink experience outside our restaurant. Be it a private event in the form of a wedding or a birthday, or a larger internal and external communication event in your organisation.

Contact us and together we will come up with smart and tasty solutions!

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